This is so cute

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I’ve never seen anything more adorable.

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1/? » favorite pictures of 17 year old harry 



Hot 99.5 Interview - March 2012

This isn’t talked about enough. The way Harry lights up when Louis literally just introduces himself. But then the way Louis puts his hand on Harry’s neck and pushes him down and Harry is SO PLEASED??? This is the MOST suggestive blowjob innuendo they’ve ever done. Maybe. There’s a lot of them. But this is top 3.

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"…That was pretty much it. It just kind of happened." x

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"if you ever need support just think of us and listen to our music"

harry: “lean on me”

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you’re just going to have to accept the fact that if you go to a 1d concert with your dad harry is going to pay more attention to your father than you


The thing is…even if Niall did follow the account only because “it was funny”…that means he still found H/L sex and an H/L wedding funny. But wait…Didn’t the gay rumors ruin their friendship? Don’t the gay rumors hurt Louis and Eleanor’s relationship?

Niall’s their best friend. He wouldn’t publicly acknowledge that he found something that seriously hurt them funny.

So there’s another hole in your sinking narrative,

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Harry during Story Of My Life - WWA 24/08/14 x

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